Balanced Budget, Obama Care, Space Programs, 2010 Election: Interview with Colorado Congressman Mike Coffman

I was privileged Thursday with the opportunity to conduct a one-on-one phone interview with Congressman Mike Coffman, Republican from Colorado's 6th CD. As co-founder of the Balanced Budget Caucus on Capitol Hill, it's not surprising that Coffman is heavily focused on the importance of this issue. "You have to take the power away from Congress," he told me. "It certainly has worked in some states." Coffman continued that he is "amazed how much overhead there is in the federal bureaucracy. The majority of what we do here has nothing to do with our constitutional responsibilities. It seems like the federal government is involved in every level of government." He believes the Balanced Budget Amendment will "force Congress to deal with … [Read more...]

Why Can’t Colorado Pick One Deadline to Submit Initiative Petition Signatures?

As many of you know, my Independence Institute boss has taken charge in leading a statewide ballot campaign to exempt Colorado from the kind of mandates imposed on us by Obama Care. What fewer people may realize is the immense challenge it can be to obtain 76,047 valid signatures (which typically requires collecting a much higher number of signatures to make sure you have enough valid ones) to reach the ballot in the first place. The current legal strictures enacted by our state legislature -- including not allowing paid circulators to collect signatures -- make it extra difficult for citizens to petition their government. It's even messier when you consider, as effectively documented by Ballotpedia, that the law contradicts itself in … [Read more...]

Elections Have Consequences

Below is an actual letter sent out last week to the employees of a company doing business in Colorado. It is presented without comment. The names of the company and the individuals have been redacted. Staff: When people say elections don’t matter, that their vote doesn’t count, and that they cannot make a difference – they are wrong! … [Read more...]

Don’t Be Surprised by Michael Bennet’s Decision to Petition onto Ballot

Our incumbent U.S. Senator Michael Bennet stunned some in the political world with the announcement that he would seek to petition onto the ballot in addition to go through the Democratic Party's assembly process. Fellow RMAer Don Johnson hypothesizes about Bennet's strategery, based on the luxury of his heavily-bankrolled campaign. But should we be surprised at such an extra-cautious strategy from the junior Senator who last year boldly blurted that he would vote for heavily unpopular Obama Care even if it cost him his appointed job? No, not really. Michael Bennet after all is an elected official known for more than a year of legendary indecision on the union card-check bill (unless you count his vote for the Craig Becker NLRB … [Read more...]

Catch Video of Colorado GOP Officials Fighting for Health Care Freedom

Yesterday our elected Republican officials in Denver came to life with some mighty statements. First, state legislators joined my boss Jon Caldara to urge support for the Defend Colorado from Obama Care ballot initiative, called on Attorney General John Suthers to join the lawsuit of states' attorneys general against the unconstitutional mandates in Obama Care. Joshua Sharf has posted complete video and analyses of both press conferences. I urge you to check them out -- so we can commend those Republican officials who have shown backbone and continue urging them to stay strong, while also reminding us of the ongoing need to educate members of the old media. In other words, vigilance remains the watchword of the day. As usual, the … [Read more...]

Obama Care Passes… Now What?

It's the day after the 2700-page Obama Care monstrosity passed the Congress, proving there really is no such thing as a pro-life Democrat and that Leftist Democrat leaders were determined to shove the highly unpopular taxes, mandates and controls down the throat of the American people ... now what? Dr. Paul Hsieh at Pajamas Media lays out the short-term and longer-term fallout, and the editors of National Review insist that Obama Care isn't inevitable. Meanwhile, you can spend a few minutes today signing one or both of the following petitions: The Senate Conservatives Fund "Repeal It" pledge (nearly 14,000 strong so far) The call to "Repeal Health Care Bill" on ipetitions On the state level, you can help my colleagues at the … [Read more...]

Betsy Markey Caves on Obama Care, Hope She’s Not Counting on Fed Job

After losing votes for days, it looks like the Obama administration has made up ground arm-twisting votes for the government takeover of our health care system. The same day as the liberal Denver Post opined strongly against the legislation, the Post's Michael Riley reports that Colorado Congresswoman Betsy Markey -- formerly a No vote -- has bowed to Democratic leadership and decided to vote Yes (H/T Complete Colorado). I expect a large voter revolt to ensue. We already know from a recent poll that 58 percent of Markey's constituents oppose the Obama Care monstrosity. Maybe she doesn't care about that, you say? Maybe she expects some sort of federal appointment after Cory Gardner unseats her in November? … [Read more...]

Two Reasons Why We Could Use More Shawn Mitchells in the State Legislature

Two days, two stories, two reasons why I believe the Colorado General Assembly needs more legislators like Senator Shawn Mitchell fighting for us. First, Colorado Senate News reports a recent floor debate in which Mitchell assumes his usual role as bold and articulate spokesman for common sense and liberty, leading the vote against a heavy-handed, onerous renewable energy mandate:"I don't want a European society where government will decide what life will look like tomorrow," said Mitchell. "I want a free American traditional society where my choices, your choices--as consumers, as families, as citizens--will determine what society will look like tomorrow." Second, a Colorado News Agency story on a committee meeting in which Mitchell … [Read more...]

Thanks to Obama Care, Nancy Pelosi is Generous with Other Dems’ Careers

You knew Democrats are very comfortable with the idea of appearing generous by spending other people's hard-earned money. But you may not have known just how generous at least one liberal Democrat leader in Washington, D.C., is with the political careers of her minions, er, fellow members of her Congressional caucus:House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged her colleagues to back a major overhaul of U.S. health care even if it threatens their political careers, a call to arms that underscores the issue's massive role in this election year. Lawmakers sometimes must enact policies that, even if unpopular at the moment, will help the public, Pelosi said in an interview being broadcast Sunday the ABC News program "This Week." "We're not here just to … [Read more...]

Health Care Summit Does Nothing for Vulnerable Congressman John Salazar

Say what you will about yesterday's Health Care Summit. Obama and the Democrat leadership didn't make the case for expanded government control of medicine and didn't move the ball politically in any way to help ram through the Obama Care monstrosity. In Colorado, that has to be especially unsettling for 3rd District Congressman John Salazar. Dick Morris has listed Salazar as one of 30 House Democrats who voted for Obama Care the first time but are "vulnerable" and "frightened of the voter backlash." And now the Summit has given him no political cover. The more he hears from unhappy constituents, the more likely he is to come to his senses and try to save his own hide politically. Meanwhile, don't forget there are two fine Republican … [Read more...]