Dispelling Facebook Membership as Motive to Scott McInnis Voicemail Story

Can’t help but say that I’m a bit disappointed in the Grand Junction Sentinel for the shoddy article and headline erroneously equating the Facebook group membership of my colleagues Todd Shepherd and Justin Longo with support of Josh Penry.

On the other hand, the Dead Guvs’ complicity in their own headline writing and truly bizarre conspiracy theorizing is downright amusing. It reinforces the case that they’re out of touch with local Republican politics and are relying on deductive logic to perpetuate a pre-fabricated narrative. They’ll have to do better if they wish to be believable as something other than a fountain of Democrat talking points.

When Todd — a man of journalistic integrity (and amazing vocal impersonation skills) — explains the origin of the “serious questions” for Scott McInnis by writing:

Let me state for the record that neither I, nor my business partner Justin Longo, neither of us have a preference in the 2010 Governor’s race. If we were presented with the exact same voicemail, from the exact same source, but with the voice of Josh Penry on the tape, we would have published that too. When I received the voicemail originally, as a journalist that proudly has three regional Edward R. Murrow awards and two first-place Colorado Associated Press Broadcaster’s Association awards hanging on his wall, I knew I had to publish it regardless of the motivations of those that may have been involved in bringing the voicemail to light simply because of the serious ethical questions raised by the voicemail’s content. How ethically damned would I be had I covered it up?

Well, that settles it for me.

Facebook group membership may indicate support for a candidate, but not necessarily by any stretch. If it did count for something, then I guess I support both Josh Penry and Scott McInnis.


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