The Existential Impact of Government Motors on a Native Michigander

The whole sad affair with General Motors, the federal bailout and now the Presidentially-orchestrated dismissal of the company's CEO, strikes a little bit closer to home with me. I grew up in southeast Michigan. My dad worked more than 30 years for the automaker. Many, many people I knew worked for GM or one of the contract suppliers. GM was a significant part of a way of life. So after yesterday's announcement, please forgive me if my head is still spinning this morning. I'm not quite able to put it all into words, but thought I'd give it a first crack. Of course, the firing of CEO Rick Wagoner and the Presidential-backed car warranty are predictable outcomes of the initial bailout I have opposed from the beginning. But because of my … [Read more...]

Ryan Frazier Dominates Competition in DougCo U.S. Senate Straw Poll

El Presidente has some potentially earth-shaking news (for active lovers of liberty and the handful of Colorado political insiders who are paying attention at this point, that is): Despite the weak and transparent efforts of the liberal Dead Governors to marginalize his campaign with ridicule, Aurora city councilman Ryan Frazier not only won but dominated the competition in a U.S. Senate straw poll among the conservative Douglas County GOP faithful (complete with video of Frazier's Saturday speech at the Douglas County Lincoln Day dinner). Other names in the straw poll included former Congressman Bob Beauprez, popular radio talk show host Dan Caplis, Weld County district attorney Ken Buck, and businessman Cleve Tidwell. This result … [Read more...]

What a Weekend: Human Achievement Hour, “Green” Energy Taxes, & You

My big regret from a low-key weekend? That I somehow forgot to celebrate Human Achievement Hour. Kudos to all those who did, and made a statement for liberty. It's most interesting to me that this weekend's events closely follow the discovery that the infamous solar panels on the Denver Museum of Nature and Science likely won't come close to paying for themselves while state lawmakers seek to induce school districts into installing cost-inefficient "new" "green" energy. Speaking of higher taxes and energy prices for consumers like you and me, Paul Chesser takes on the cap-and-trade folly in the new American Spectator. At least here in the Denver area our big snow has all but melted away ... for now. … [Read more...]

Hello Colorado Blogosphere!

My name is Ryan Morgan and, at the kind request of Ben, I will be guest posting from time to time on this blog.  A 21-year-old resident of Arvada, I was home educated and have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (focus in general management) from Thomas Edison State College.  I am a developer at a small software firm. I am a Bible-believing Christian, not associated with any particular denomination, but with an experiential belief in forgiveness of sin solely through faith in Jesus Christ's blood atonement at Calvary and His resurrection from the dead. I am a conservative first and a Republican second.  I believe in limited, effective government; adequate (strong) national defense; and laws based on Biblically moral … [Read more...]

Mount Virtus Welcomes Guest-Blogger

After more than five years at Mount Virtus, I've finally grown secure enough to include the occasional postings of a guest-blogger on my site. I just wanted to give my regular readers the heads-up, and to let you know: The guest-blogger's first posting should occur very soon The thoughts, opinions, and observations of the posts on this site belong to their respective authors If unsure, you can find the identity of the author on the second line under the post heading where it says "Written by..." I will let the new guest-blogger identify himself, and leave you in suspense until then I believe we can only benefit by having more thoughtful conservative voices in the Colorado blogosphere. A new era begins? … [Read more...]

Senate Bill 57 School Transparency Defeated But Not Forgotten

It's been a full week since the establishment education lobby and Democrats on the House Education Committee teamed up to kill the spending transparency in Colorado's Senate Bill 57. Amazingly, this little bill that (almost) could in our Colorado state legislature is still making national waves. From an essay written by Paul Miller and published today by American Thinker:This past week in Colorado, Senate Bill 57, also called the Public School Financial Transparency Act, which simply require public school districts to put their spending online, died in committee. How could any responsible public official forbid parents from seeing how their tax-dollars are spent educating their children? The answer to that question is simple: … [Read more...]

Help Save Us From the Political Chaos in Colorado House Bill 1299

So Democrats have moved the bill to destroy the Electoral College (HB 1299) to the floor of the state senate. Time for a last-ditch effort to make your voices heard and stop this legislation. Via Amy Oliver, Rossputin has posted this excellent and timely information explaining why it would be such a terrible idea. If you care about the Republic, follow the link and take action: contact your state senator and Governor Bill Ritter. … [Read more...]

Just What Did Colorado Ethics Watch Learn from Media Matters’ Demise?

Colorado Ethics Watch's Chantell Taylor has filed an especially frivolous complaint, reports Face The State. While a frustrating annoyance, it's also a badge of honor for Fort Collins city council candidate Andrew Boucher, who is running a tireless and effective pro-liberty campaign. The uncanny timing and sheer desperation of this complaint makes me wonder if Colorado Ethics Watch has been watching what happened to their state sister Media Matters (after all, they have the same rich Lefty sugar daddies as part of their common affiliation with the Colorado Democracy Alliance), and whether the group has observed the right lesson from its demise. Does Ethics Watch believe that the plug was pulled on Media Matters because the phony … [Read more...]

Colorado Spring Blizzard of the Century of the Week: Central Arvada Report

Update, 5:00 PM: Snowfall has lightened up, visibility has improved to nearly normal, heavy gusts of wind are far less frequent. We have just under a feet of snow, which indicates that the heaviest precipitation occurred this morning. But it hasn't stopped. And with a layer of ice under much of the snow, it will be awhile before travel is back to normal. Today is suitable for a little random weather blogging here in central Arvada ... Snow started falling at sometime around 6 AM. I've spent the morning working inside, but ventured outside at high noon. Observations: Blowing snow (heavy at times), visibility is about 100 feet or so (occasionally much less than that), the nearby side streets are barely passable for standard 2-wheel … [Read more...]