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Health Care Summit Does Nothing for Vulnerable Congressman John Salazar

Say what you will about yesterday's Health Care Summit. Obama and the Democrat leadership didn't make the case for expanded government control of medicine and didn't move the ball politically in any way to help ram through the Obama Care monstrosity. In Colorado, that has to be especially unsettling for 3rd District Congressman John Salazar. Dick Morris has listed Salazar as one of 30 House Democrats who voted for Obama Care the first time but are "vulnerable" and "frightened of the voter backlash." And now the Summit has given him no political cover. The more he hears from unhappy constituents, the more likely he is to come to his senses and try to save his own hide politically. Meanwhile, don't forget there are two fine Republican … [Read more...]

Michael Bennet Gets Some Small Redemption from SEIU Endorsement

A good reminder that not only is Big Labor anything but monolithic but also that the Democrats potentially face a very competitive primary for Colorado's U.S. Senate seat: The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has endorsed the Appointed One, Michael Bennet. While rival Andrew Romanoff has won backing from the Teamsters and UFCW, Bennet at least finally has gained something for putting his neck out to try to ram Obama Care through Congress. Interestingly, The Atlantic (edited by Michael Bennet's brother) reports the same story about the SEIU endorsement and then selectively notes: … [Read more...]

Bill Ritter Signs Tax Hikes Into Law, Clock Ticking on State Democrat Rule

This day was coming sooner rather than later: Governor Bill Ritter retreated to a private room to sign into law nine anti-business, job-killing tax hike bills. This action completes the trifecta of Democrat one-party rule under Colorado's Golden Dome. On February 1, all Democrats in the state house voted to push through at least one of the tax hikes (and all but one voted for a majority of them) -- including vulnerable incumbent Representatives Sara Gagliardi, Dianne Primavera, Dennis Apuan, Christine Scanlan, Jim Riesberg and Randy Fischer. Then on February 10, all but one Democrat state senator jumped on board to support the "dirty dozen" -- including Bruce Whitehead, Linda Newell and Lois Tochtrop. Two weeks later to the day we … [Read more...]

One Reason CO Loves CA: Letting Teachers Know Membership Options

It's Friday, a fun time for Colorado Republicans to zing Gov. Bill Ritter for declaring February 12 "Colorado Loves California Day." I get the humor of all the possibilities. It was last year about this time I made the same point. But I want to take a different tack, and point out one small reason to love California: Larry Sand and the California Teachers Empowerment Network (CTEN) -- which very recently was featured in Townhall magazine for its success in letting Golden State teachers know about their various membership options. Yes, Colorado loves California in this regard, because we too through the Independence Institute have the Independent Teachers website, which lets teachers in our own backyard know about their membership … [Read more...]

Phony Big Labor Front Group Exposes Lefty Fears about Tea Party’s Strength

Update: The intrepid Mike Antonucci has more insights on this story, including the involvement of the National Education Association and the fact that the story first was broken by blogger Lee Doren. Credit to where credit is due. You may have already heard about this, but just in case not -- an original investigation from Fox News:A seemingly grassroots organization that's mounted an online campaign to counter the tea party movement is actually the front end of an elaborate scheme that funnels funds -- including sizable labor union contributions -- through the offices of a prominent Democratic party lawyer.... "This movement is a fad," proclaims, which was established by the American Public Policy Center (APPC), … [Read more...]

All But One Colo. Democrat State Senator Enable Passage of Tax Hikes

Nine days ago I pointed out the number of vulnerable Colorado state house Democrats who voted to push through the "Dirty Dozen" tax hikes. Today it was the state senate's turn. Based on my recent projections, much of the voting activity makes sense. Take a quick look at today's Senate Journal, and what do you see? All Senate Republicans unanimously voted against each and every one of the tax hikes. Hooray for them. Too bad the Democrats have the majority and were able to pass all nine bills with either 18 (the bare minimum) or 19 votes. One Democrat running in a vulnerable seat voted No on all nine tax hike bills, giving her a singular distinction among the entire house and senate majority caucus: Sen. Gail Schwarz. You think this is … [Read more...]

Michael Bennet Kowtows to Left, Casts Losing Vote for Backdoor Card Check

Update, 2:45 PM: Politico picks up on the story, too, noting that Bennet's vote "could have significant repercussions for his election campaign." A strong sign that Colorado's Appointed One, junior U.S. Senator Michael Bennet, is feeling the primary heat from Andrew Romanoff. Kowtowing to President Obama, the SEIU and Big Labor: Bennet was one of the 52 Democratic votes to confirm Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board. The good news? Becker's confirmation was defeated. The man is an SEIU attorney with avowedly radical, anti-individual rights views that would trample under foot the rights of business owners and workers who would rather not toe the line for labor leaders. A vote for Craig Becker was a vote for backdoor … [Read more...]

Dem Priorities Fiddling with Tax Credits: Undercut, Don’t Empower, Families

Todd Engdahl at Ed News Colorado reported Friday on two educational tax credit bills (HB 1295 and HB 1296) being introduced in the legislature, and closed with this comment:While the proposals could make for interesting debate, they’re expected to fail for three reasons: 1) Democrats control the legislature, 2) the education lobby, and 3) most lawmakers don’t want to fiddle with school finance or tax credits when the state budget is in the tank. [emphasis added] The first two reasons are rather straightforward. Of course, Democrats don't want to devolve power from the education establishment. And of course, the iron triangle of CEA, CASE and CASB would oppose the slightest effort to grant authentic private school choice to taxpaying … [Read more...]

Colorado WINS State Union Using Coercive Tactics to Grow Membership?

Ever since Governor Bill Ritter signed the executive order laying out a welcome mat to unionize state government, I've wondered if and when the Colorado WINS labor organizing coalition would lobby for the Democratic majority in state government to entrench their status through legislation. Given the state of the budget and the tons of political capital Democrats are spilling to push through their series of tax hikes -- one of which is even opposed by Pueblo labor interests -- prospects for comprehensive union legislation have faded dramatically. But Colorado WINS has other means to extend its reach, and grow its dues-paying membership base, inside Colorado government. As Dave Ohmart of Colorado LOSES points out, reluctant state … [Read more...]

Colo. Senate GOP Unveils Alternative to Tax Hikes without Further K-12 Cuts

Within the past hour Colorado Senate Republicans have unveiled a sensible, taxpayer-friendly alternative to the Democrats' efforts to ram through the "dirty dozen" tax hikes. From the press release:Republicans in the Colorado Senate today unveiled a proposal to reduce government spending as an alternative to the Democrats’ plan to raise taxes on the businesses and citizens of Colorado. “Democrats keep saying that in order to balance the budget ‘everything is on the table,’” said Sen. Kevin Lundberg, R-Berthoud. “Republicans want to make sure that a reduction in government spending is on the table and thoroughly debated before we raise taxes.” The GOP proposal includes a 0.25 percent reduction in state payroll spending for the … [Read more...]