HD 22 Candidate Loren Bauman: TABOR Has Done “Some Things That Have Hurt the Republican Party”

Yes, it’s been several months since I’ve posted here. Life is busy, and the political season has been slow in these parts. Last time I checked in it was to report that conservative state house candidate Justin Everett had taken top line on the ballot at the Jefferson County GOP Assembly. His race against Loren Bauman turns out to be the county’s only primary race on the June 26 mail-in ballot.

If you needed more reason to see the clear difference between the two Republican candidates in HD 22, this 13-second clip (MP3) from a May 29 debate of Bauman summarizing his assessment of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) should raise some eyebrows:

TABOR has some good things about it and some bad things. You can talk to most legislators that have been in and out of the office and they’ll tell ya that there are some great things that it has allowed and some things that have hurt the Republican Party.

What things specifically “have hurt the Republican Party”? It’s not exactly the same as former Colorado Democrat State Treasurer Cary Kennedy confiding that she wanted to “drive a stake through the heart of TABOR,” but the statement raises some serious questions about the candidate’s commitment to fiscally conservative principles. After all, there is plenty to celebrate in the nearly 20-year-old tax-and-spending limitation for Colorado to celebrate.

Meanwhile, Bauman’s opponent (and my personal friend) Justin Everett rightly includes “Put the teeth back into the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR)” as one of his six steps to promote jobs and economic growth in Colorado. There’s a clear contrast of substance and principle in this lonely Jeffco primary race. If you’re looking for a true fighter for fiscal responsibility and limited government, Everett is precisely the candidate to support in this safe Republican seat.

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