March Is Not the Best Month for CO Senate Majority Leader John Morse

March is a bad month for Colorado Senate Majority Leader John Morse. Last year about this time he went a little ballistic at on a YouTube video he created — trying to blame the company for deciding to terminate its Colorado Affiliates program rather than pay the Democrats’ new tax.

Last year’s episode looks like a warm-up act for this year’s arrogant display, with John Morse threatening the private homes of citizens who filed an ethics complaint against him. You see, March so far has been filled with Colorado Peak Politics (if you’re not reading this blog regularly, you should be! … and no, I don’t know who is behind it) reporting on a brewing scandal: Democrat legislative leader Morse claiming $40,000 in public reimbursements for things like golf outings, political fundraisers, and out-of-state travel.

Maybe John Morse has a broader understanding of “constituent work” than the normal definition. Or maybe, as Colorado Peaks Politics has offered up in its latest posting (H/T Complete Colorado), it’s just a classic case of hypocrisy:

Back in 2008, John Morse requested an investigation into whether District Attorney John Newsome committed a Class 5 felony by abusing per diem and travel expenses during a work trip….

Newsome’s alleged per diem abuse was less than $600, which he repaid entirely. Versus $40,000? Seems like the whole affair is worth at least the hint of interest from a mainstream press Capitol reporter or two. It’s a perfect opportunity to dispel the perception of pro-Democrat, Left-leaning ideological bias in the media. But as long as they’re not paying serious attention, at least March isn’t likely to get much worse for Morse.

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