Support State House Candidates at R Block Party Event: It’s That Important

My friends at R Block Party are putting on their second annual picnic tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday, August 25) as a fundraiser for state house candidates.

Many of you know I have devoted several postings to analyze this year’s showdown for the Colorado state house and Colorado state senate. Many of these races remain critically important even as they are outshone by higher-profile statewide races (and have become even more important in light of the folly that is the governor’s race in this state) — including the 22 candidates participating at R Block Party tomorrow. The state representatives of today also help form the bench for runs at higher office in the future.

The R Block Party’s second annual picnic includes a live and silent auction, baked goods sale, and of course, plenty of opportunities to write good old-fashioned checks directly to one or more of the candidates. If you can do only one tangible thing for the cause of limited, fiscally responsible government over the next few weeks, make it this event!

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