Health Care Summit Does Nothing for Vulnerable Congressman John Salazar

Say what you will about yesterday’s Health Care Summit. Obama and the Democrat leadership didn’t make the case for expanded government control of medicine and didn’t move the ball politically in any way to help ram through the Obama Care monstrosity.

In Colorado, that has to be especially unsettling for 3rd District Congressman John Salazar. Dick Morris has listed Salazar as one of 30 House Democrats who voted for Obama Care the first time but are “vulnerable” and “frightened of the voter backlash.” And now the Summit has given him no political cover. The more he hears from unhappy constituents, the more likely he is to come to his senses and try to save his own hide politically.

Meanwhile, don’t forget there are two fine Republican candidates running for the chance to take down Salazar: Scott Tipton and Bob McConnell.

Interestingly, 7th District Democrat Ed Perlmutter didn’t make Morris’ list. I would argue he is at least as vulnerable as Salazar, but for some reason maybe he hasn’t come up with reason to be “frightened of the voter backlash.” At least not yet.


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    Ed Permutter isn’t frightened because he is totally out of touch with the voters in his district. Ed must still think we need a bloated Federal government, based on his voting record and his fawning press releases every time a new piece of Federal pork is delivered to District 7.

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