Ed Perlmutter’s Case for Death Tax Makes Case for His Own Retirement

The WhoSaidYouSaid crew is on a roll of late. Witness the following footage of my soon-to-be-retired liberal Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter extolling the virtues of the death tax:

In the new video Perlmutter explains his support of the death tax:

We’re not into landed gentry. You know, just because my grandfather did well doesn’t mean I’m entitled to a yacht.

No, nothing your grandfather does entitles you to anything. But if your grandfather worked hard to earn a yacht and wants to give it to you upon his death, do you argue that the government should confiscate it instead? Or more problematic for a proponent of the death tax like Perlmutter: If your land-rich but cash-poor dad dies and wants to leave you the family farm, should he be taxed again — into foreclosure? That kind of blows apart the old England analogy.

While Ed Perlmutter doesn’t believe you are entitled to inherit family property, he feels perfectly entitled to confiscate your property, redistribute the wealth and make the decision for you. Way to drift completely out of touch. My Democratic Congressman is making the case for his own retirement so someone can take his place who represents common sense, fiscal responsibility, limited government and… you.

The race for Colorado’s 7th Congressional District is a statistical dead heat going into the Labor Day weekend, with the liberal incumbent barely able to scrape together 40 percent support. Watching this video and learning this fact should be all it takes to motivate you to support the young, inspirational, liberty-loving Republican candidate Ryan Frazier.

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