Dr. David Benke: Hero

Update, 3/1: Jeffco Public Schools has posted a response letter from Dr. Benke. I think it about says it all.

The story of the heroism of Deer Creek Middle School math teacher David Benke is a compelling one. A Jefferson County schoolteacher like many others who went to work yesterday, placed into an unexpected moment of high stress and great danger to those around him, he acted as we all would hope to act under similar circumstances.

His initial action to stop the shooter at Deer Creek very well may have saved lives. By all accounts, he also is a man far less interested in his own instant fame than in the well-being of his students who were subjected to this violent attack.

For all these reasons, it is fitting and proper to acknowledge Dr. David Benke as a hero. For he is more deserving than many in our modern celebrity age who have gained the appellation. (One small way to make the acknowledgment that promotes the best in civil society, you can join the “Dr. David Benke is a hero” Facebook page — 11,700 strong and growing as I write this.)

I had the honor to meet Dr. Benke briefly several years ago at an education-related meeting. My vague impressions are of a thoughtful man, a man of modesty and integrity. Now add courage to the profile.

Be thankful for Dr. Benke and the other Deer Creek staff members who acted to stop the gunman. With God’s help, may many of us be able to do the same if confronted with a similar crisis situation. Now our prayers go out to the injured students and their families, as we thank God that more students were not hurt, or worse.


  1. Dean says

    Dr. Benke is truly a hero to have advanced an armed man with no weapon himself. It is for that reason that I feel teachers like Dr. Benke should be allowed and encouraged to recieve proper training and be allowed to carry concealled weapons on campus. Had this been the case he might have been able to stop this attacker before he fired a single shot or injured a single person. Dr. Benke or any teacher interested can obtain the needed training and a free handgun by contacting Dr. Dr. Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute where Dr. Piazza will provide, free of charge, five full days of training, a handgun and all the necessary accessories for the teacher to carry that weapon concealled and help protect our students and teachers. This is top notch training at or above the level of that recieved by any police department, military personal or other law enforcment agency and includes the applications necessary to apply for concealled weapons permits for 30 states in the US. I would encourage Dr. Benke or any teacher to contact Dr. Piazza at; ignatius@frontsight.com for more information.

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