Catch Video of Colorado GOP Officials Fighting for Health Care Freedom

Yesterday our elected Republican officials in Denver came to life with some mighty statements. First, state legislators joined my boss Jon Caldara to urge support for the Defend Colorado from Obama Care ballot initiative, called on Attorney General John Suthers to join the lawsuit of states’ attorneys general against the unconstitutional mandates in Obama Care.

Joshua Sharf has posted complete video and analyses of both press conferences. I urge you to check them out — so we can commend those Republican officials who have shown backbone and continue urging them to stay strong, while also reminding us of the ongoing need to educate members of the old media. In other words, vigilance remains the watchword of the day.

As usual, the People’s Press Collective remains the best place for Coloradans to go to get the latest updated information and perspectives on the unfolding fight to restore health care freedom.


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    In other words, vigilance remains the watchword of the day.

    Just next to nullification. 😉

    All this is happy news, of course. It’s about time the States stood up to the unconstitutiional encroachments of the Federal government, in keeping with what Thomas Jefferson said: “Whensoever the General Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force.”

    “Null”, in other words.

    Hat’s off to Suthers, Caldara and to those Colorado Republicans who are behind this thing. I understand Bill “the Quitter” Ritter is not amused. That makes it all the more delicious.

    Watch for the liberal Colorado press to start drawing comparisons to the Jim Crow South, etc.

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    well said Snag.
    Ben, I am going to send folks to this post….too busy to post today…my new job has me actually working now.

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    Thanks, Mr. Bob.

    I believe mainstream and paleocon wings of American conservatism are about to come to an understanding. May the Lord bless us in our endeavor to find our way back to liberty.

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