Barack Obama: Get Out of Debt by Maintaining Out-of-Control Spending?

What do I think of Barack Obama’s so-called “spending freeze”? Imagine someone you know who’s in a little bit of debt increasing his household spending until he maxes out all his credit cards, then reassuring the bank that he’s going to stop increasing his spending rate for 3 years. Yeah, I guess it’s good that he’s not going to try to outlive his means any more than he already does. But then again, it doesn’t really address the problem, does it?

Check out this Red State diary for a more detailed and down-to-earth deconstruction. Or Al Maurer and the Cato Institute article he cites pointing out the true “smoke and mirrors” behind the “spending freeze” pronouncement.

Then I recommend you go over to Hot Air and vote in Ed Morrissey’s poll on how to respond to Obama’s proposal, and decide whether conservatives should “support it as a good start, demand more action” or “oppose it as a fraud, demand across the board freeze and cuts”. (Far better and more realistic than the other two choices, in my estimation.)

As uninspiring policy, Obama’s “spending freeze” isn’t much better than our own lame duck Colorado governor Bill Ritter’s 2007 “mill levy freeze”. And even though it’s a transparent and self-serving tactic, nevertheless here’s hoping that the “spending freeze” least is more faithfully applied than Ritter’s 2009 “hiring freeze”.

What is it with Democrat leaders and rhetorical “freezes” these days, anyway? Is it some subconscious ploy to hush the talk about the fraudulent science behind global warming hysteria? Or maybe we can take the whole temperature metaphor too far…

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