Union LIAR Ready to Suck Money from Workers to Attack Bill Ritter?

Sound the alarm on Bill Ritter’s re-election chances. Hard-core Democrats are swearing they’re going to abandon ship, at least if you take the Dead Governors at their word.

But really, Ritter’s sagging popularity is not exactly newsworthy for those who have been paying attention the past couple months or so.

The real reason I gave a link to Colorado Pols was the unintentional humor behind a new union political group aimed at challenging (or at least threatening) Colorado’s incumbent Democratic governor:

A group calling itself Labor Initiatives Against Ritter – or LIAR – has filed the paperwork needed with the Internal Revenue Service to begin raising money for political purposes.

Mark Johnson, an International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers member from the Colorado Springs area, is listed as the group’s agent. He declined to comment on LIAR’s plans.

Plenty of Colorado union members and agency fee-paying workers may have wondered where all their hard-earned money goes. But now we will be able to say with much greater certainty that a portion of it is going to a LIAR.

“Trust us.”

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