“Strange Method” of Cashiers Check Deposit Raises Questions for Stephanie Villafuerte, Ritter Inaugural Fund

You thought Governor Bill Ritter’s ethical troubles with his inaugural fund were old news? You thought the saga of Ritter staffer and Obama US Attorney nominee Stephanie Villafuerte would only make one headline today?

Well, my friends, things may have grown much more intriguing with the revelation in a new investigation from my Independence Institute colleague Todd Shepherd:

A check for $30,000 written by Greg Kolomitz to repay the “Ritter Inaugural Fund” was not immediately deposited into that account, but rather was turned into a cashiers check by Stephanie Villafuerte.

Villafuerte is currently deputy chief of staff for the Governor, and is also nominated by President Obama to become the next Federal attorney for Colorado.

An attorney for the inaugural fund said that the monies were in fact deposited into the inaugural account less than 24 hours after the cashiers check was created, but simultaneously refused to release the bank statements verifying that claim.

Given Villafuerte’s close involvement in the political persecution of former ICE agent Cory Voorhis and the timing of the fund transfer immediately after an audit report on the inaugural fund had been filed, the findings and counter claims in this story provide a lot more questions than answers.

It sure looks like time for some more digging by political reporters, and time for some tough questions for Bill Ritter and Stephanie Villafuerte.

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