Rasmussen: Michael Bennet Vulnerable, Running Even with Ryan Frazier

On the eve of Jane Norton’s official entry into Colorado’s U.S. Senate fray comes from Rasmussen Reports what figures to be the last poll of the race without her for awhile. In this survey, the top two early Republican contenders were paired up separately against Bill Ritter’s incumbent appointee Michael Bennet.

The biggest clear takeaway from Rasmussen? Whether attributable to an unfriendly climate for Democrats, to his own lackluster performance, or to both — the indecisive Bennet is vulnerable.

Other insights? The ascendant but still little-known Ryan Frazier fares better than Ken Buck, standing even with the Democrat:

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds Bennet ahead of Buck 43% to 37%. With Frazier as the opponent, Bennet is essentially even. The numbers are 40% for Frazier and 39% for the incumbent. [emphases added]

To be fair, there is a limited amount that polling more than a year out from a general election can indicate — even more limited than polling done a month before the election.

But this is encouraging news for a Frazier campaign that has been working hard to get off the ground. At one of his latest stops touring the state, the 32-year-old Aurora councilman drew a crowd of 100 near Durango to listen to citizens’ concerns and share his ideas on energy, education, and fiscal responsibility.


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