Obama Care’s Impending Christmas Crash: Dems Nearing Huge Demise?

Update, 3:45 PM: Over at Human Events, Connie Hair goes through the procedural details of the health care debate to explain why Harry Reid’s goal to pass the bill by Christmas Eve is largely a pipe dream (H/T Rossputin). Meanwhile, Rasmussen notes that only 34 percent of Americans say passing a health care bill is better than passing nothing (and I wonder how many of those people are even paying attention).

It’s Friday morning, one week before Christmas. Here I am — doubtless like many others — sitting back in awe, watching Obama and the D.C. Democrats in a mad rush to impale themselves politically over an Obama Care debate that they themselves have sent spiraling out of control with their secretive, anti-liberty, wildly unpopular attempted power-grab of one-sixth of the U.S. economy.

The majority party’s approach has now alienated people and groups across the political spectrum, and even has the pro-public option Denver Post calling the bill “an albatross for Democrats”. A remarkable turn of events that has led us to today, when libertarian blogger Rossputin credibly wonders aloud whether the Democrats will be saved by their far left.

The Beltway drama has devolved into a farce, made sillier with each day in which lame duck Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid seriously expects us to believe his chamber will pass some sort of bill on Christmas Eve. (Reid knows reaching January makes his hopes even more bleak.) As the Washington Examiner aptly explains, Obamacare is teetering on the precipice.

Never to be presumptuous, today you should take one final moment to contact key Democrat U.S. Senators and make your voice heard as a resounding NO to Obama Care and socialized medicine.

Why? Because the American public has only grown more sick of the deception, the brutal tactics, and of course, the hideous monstrosity itself. Surely, as columnist David Harsanyi observes, all the president’s mendacity deserves much of the blame.

Thank God for the genius of the Founders, and the U.S. Senate. The 60-vote requirement to close debate has formed a hill that’s increasingly difficult for Reid and the “bull in a china shop” Democrats to surmount without self-destructing. Thus, it sure looks more likely now that we will be spared this “health care reform” monstrosity. When it sputters to a halt and the calendar turns to 2010, the issue will be dead. We will look to the future, and to taking our government back from the “progressive” rogues and fools in charge.


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    Why isn’t there an outcry over Obama and Reid’s use of Christmas as a deadline? Why aren’t people outraged that members of the Senate, media and political class will be turning the holiday into a day of political greed?

    Congress doesn’t work any other day. Why will it “work” on Christmas eve or Christmas?

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    Don, excellent point. I’ve had a similar thought. It upsets me. But my working theory is that: A) the media isn’t going to bring any attention to any outcry and hammer the last nail in Obama Care; and B) the Tea Party folks are too busy living life and getting ready for Christmas, or perhaps just stunned at this new level of arrogance from the Dems in Washington.

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