Michael Bennet’s Silence on Health Care Tax Matches Record of Hollowness

In its latest release, the Ryan Frazier for U.S. Senate campaign effectively goes after a weak link in incumbent appointee Michael Bennet’s political armor:

GOP Senatorial candidate Ryan Frazier today asked why Senator Michael Bennet has not stood up to the Democratic Congressional Leadership in Washington to protect Colorado small businesses and jobs from being destroyed due to an expensive surtax being proposed to help pay for President Obama’s health care reform legislation. The Democratic Congressional leadership has proposed a 5.4 percent surtax on families making more than $350,000 a year, or individuals earning $280,000, to pay for health care reform.

“A proposed surtax to pay for health care reform will place an enormous burden onto small businesses that could seriously hurt Colorado employees and their families. The media has heard Congressman Jared Polis stand up to this, but why hasn’t Senator Michael Bennet? When will Senator Bennet break his silence and stand up for Colorado? We all want to improve our nation’s health care system. Unfortunately, we do not have Senate leadership in our state that will help tackle the challenges facing our nation in a bipartisan manner. The people of Colorado deserve a Senator who will fight for what is right and not blindly follow the leadership of any political party.”

Someone has to keep the pressure on Bennet, especially after Harry Reid’s announcement laying over the health care bill grants the junior senator another reprieve from having to make a decision on behalf of hard-working Coloradans.

Michael Bennet’s hollowness and malleability would be comical if it didn’t carry such great consequences. What about having to ask the permission of New York’s liberal gun-control Senator Charles Schumer in order to cast a phony vote in favor of concealed-carry rights?

And of course, Bennet’s indecision on the costly, union-backed EFCA bill has become legendary.

Ryan Frazier and the other potential Republican challengers would be wise to continue this line of attack.

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