It Looks Like NRSC Can’t Talk Ryan Frazier Out of U.S. Senate Primary

With word spreading that Ken Buck will drop out of Colorado’s U.S. Senate primary on Monday, there is very good reason to believe the NRSC’s effort extends to trying to push Ryan Frazier out of the race as well.

However, a trusted source has directly contacted the Ryan Frazier campaign this morning and tells me that Ryan is in it to win it. In fact, Frazier and his team are working hard today at the State Fair in Pueblo. The state of the race is changing quickly, but I am heartened and reassured by the news that it still looks like the people of Colorado still will have the choice of a credible pro-liberty candidate.

In related news, Joshua weighs in on developments in the Senate race and notes:

I spoke with Dick Wadhams yesterday and he said that he hadn’t seen any indications that the NRSC was getting ready to jump in. They do usually coordinate this sort of thing with the state party chairman in question, and he hadn’t heard anything.

My skepticism isn’t yet cured, though. You also can keep up with the latest at Complete Colorado.


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    It’s none of the NRSC’s business who is running for the U.S. Senate from Colorado. Obviously this is another area where we need to exert states’ rights.


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