Hugh Hewitt, Meet Josh Penry

First, it was Michigan-Ohio State football. Then it was the whole litany of Cleveland sports. The near-weekly disembarkation into the world of popular and classic movies. Of late, national radio host Hugh Hewitt has shown another entire topic about which he would be better served staying silent as opposed to demonstrating his ignorance: I speak of Colorado politics.

Memo to Hugh — Get away from the coasts, get out of the Beltway and the smog, and visit Rocky Mountain flyover country again. In the meantime, read up on Josh Penry, and watch this national video clip from Fox News:

The lovely Mrs. Virtus, who generally has a higher Hugh tolerance than I, acknowledged to me that she had to turn off the show today when the host began randomly touting Scott McInnis as Colorado’s next governor … Huh?

I listen less and less these days. I wouldn’t even have known of this incident, if the lovely Mrs. Virtus hadn’t vented it to me. Josh Penry for Governor.


  1. says

    Have you joined the Hughniverse? I have enjoyed his podcasts but probably will not pay $50 per year for it.

  2. says

    The Hughniverse sounds like an alternate reality sometimes, so no, I haven’t joined — especially at that rate.

  3. Jonathan says

    I enjoy Hugh more than most conservative talk radio. His long-form interviews with authors are interesting. His recent kick on supporting the NRSC seems odd, though. Is that really the best way to counter the looming doom of Obamacare? Color me skeptical.

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