Colorado GOP Straw Poll Analysis: Depends on the Definition of “Clobber”

From the Department of Bad Headlines comes yesterday’s Grand Junction Sentinel piece: “Penry, Norton clobber field in GOP straw poll”. Yes, by winning nearly 80 percent of the vote, Josh Penry clobbered Evergreen businessman Dan Maes and no-show Scott McInnis — earning nearly 8 times as many votes as his nearest competitor.

But Jane Nortonbacked by Washington, D.C., powerbrokers and touted by the Denver Post as a campaign “game-changer” — flexed her high-powered campaign machine to win just 34 percent of the vote and best her rivals Ryan Frazier and Ken Buck by only 25 votes.

Clobbered? Hmmm, not exactly.

Another example that new media often is more on top of its game, better understanding and interpreting political news than their counterparts in the old media is liberal blogger David Thielen’s more accurate and perceptive headline for the same news: “Good news for Penry, bad news for Norton”.

What’s the bad news? As the Post‘s Vince Carroll called it a week ago, Norton’s poor start means Republican rivals have every reason to stick in the race. While the rest of us out here wait for her to answer the tough questions and show some fire in the belly.

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