Bizarre Self-Parody: Michael Bennet Hiding from Denver Post on Card-Check

The chronic inability of Colorado’s appointed U.S. Senator Michael Bennet to take a position on the union card check bill (also known as EFCA) has moved deep into the realm of bizarre self-parody. It’s a political joke that has lasted so long that the label of “Both Ways Bennet” has been branded permanently on his (hopefully brief) career.

A member of the Denver Post editorial board, Chuck Plunkett observes that the long-awaited seating of Al Franken as Minnesota’s U.S. Senator has once again ratcheted up the pressure that EFCA could come to a vote and force Michael Bennet into the uncomfortable position of, well, having to take one:

I’ve asked Bennet’s office whether he wants to come on with his position on card check. (We oppose it.)

As observers are aware, he’s been more than coy on the question, and our board is among those who’d love to know where Bennet, who faces re-election in 2010, stands on this important question.

Update: Bennet’s office says the senator isn’t prepared to comment at this time. So we’ll keep waiting.

Then again, Michael Bennet still isn’t quite ready. It’s been nearly six months we’ve waited thus far. What’s a few weeks more at this point? In honor of the never-ending saga, here’s a quick trip down memory lane 2009 for Mount Virtus readers:

The beat goes on.


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