Join Steamboat Institute for Big Event with Grover Norquist, Michael Reagan

You haven't heard of the Steamboat Institute? Well, neither had I, until recently. But it's an organization co-founded by my Leadership Program of the Rockies classmate Jennifer Schubert-Akin, and it's dedicated to five principles: Limited Government Lower Taxes Free Markets Strong National Defense Individual Rights and Responsibilities The group is getting off to a strong start by hosting a conference on August 28 and 29 at the Steamboat Grand Hotel in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado, featuring some big name champions of the free market, limited government, pro-liberty movement, including: Grover Norquist Congressman Mike Pence, Indiana Michael Reagan Former president John Adams ??? Hey, I think seeing a … [Read more...]

How Many U.S. Senate Candidates Can Fit in a Phone Booth? … A What?

If things keep up, we soon may be unable to fit all of Colorado's Republican candidates for U.S. Senate in a phone booth. (How long before the phone booth loses broad cultural recognition? Where does Clark Kent go to change his identity? But I digress....) Already in the race are Ryan Frazier, Ken Buck, and Cleve Tidwell. I received an email announcement today that Crested Butte attorney Luke Korkowski is officially on board. Senate Watch at Rocky Mountain Right reports that Tom Wiens is about to enter the race. And I'm hearing rumors that former Congressman Bob Beauprez soon may throw his hat into the ring. If it all develops, we may start needing some sort of official guide to keep track of who's who and what's what. Regardless, the … [Read more...]

Beneath the Surface of Survey Results: A 2010 GOP Youth Ticket Emerging?

Last week we released the results from our mid-summer survey of Colorado's political temperature. In the meantime we've added some more analysis that suggests profiles of support for certain candidates. Without further ado, here's our amateur cross-tab analysis that raises the question ... Is there a 2010 Republican "youth" ticket emerging here in Colorado, and what are the implications? (click on the magnifying glass icon to zoom in, or on the top icon right for a full-screen view): … [Read more...]

Wrapping Up Colorado’s Well-Attended Rallies Against Obama Care Takeover

El Presidente at Slapstick Politics followed up Tuesday's top-notch coverage of the anti-Obama Care rally in Denver with links to Wednesday's action further north and south along Colorado's Front Range. Andrew Boucher has the lowdown on the Fort Collins showdown that saw more than three times as many activists out in opposition to the government health care takeover than their counterparts. Another source tells me that about 1,200 people showed up to protest Obama Care in Colorado Springs. You can find pictures from the event posted here. Makes you wonder if our elected officials are paying any heed. … [Read more...]

Are Colorado Democrats Prepping for Another Raid on Pinnacol Assurance?

Back from technology-imposed blogging exile, Joshua has christened the new-look View from a Height with a terrific catch of Democrat state senator Morgan Carroll on a "fact-finding" expedition to prep the next round of attacks on the state's privately-funded Pinnacol Assurance. Both he and I find Carroll's response less than persuasive. What say you? … [Read more...]

Dead Guvs’ Anti-TABOR Crusade Exposes Ignorance, Anti-South Bigotry

Talk about betraying your ignorance in service of political posturing. Looking for a way to cling to the idea that Colorado ranks 49th in something and bash the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights over the head, the Dead Guvs jumped on one particular set of rankings in the latest U.S. Census Bureau school funding data -- with an attempted one-two punch on supporters of government spending limitations and on the Southern states:We like to imagine that it's Mississippi, Alabama, or another stereotype Deep South state that saves Colorado every year from ranking dead-last in education spending as a percentage of income. Okay, Florida then. Close enough. The problem is threefold, and bears out when you look at the actual rankings (PDF). First, … [Read more...]

Contact Your Congressman Today: Vote NO on HR 3200 Obama Care

Update 3: Also a good article about the rally in the Gazette. And guess who was out and about peeping near the State Capitol? Update 2: Slapstick Politics has the best visual coverage of the anti-Obamacare rally earlier today -- not that I could hope to generate for his site even a modest fraction of the traffic produced by an Instalanche. And, oh yeah, the Denver Post has a story, too. Update: Alex at Colorado Political News also has posted his letter to Perlmutter opposing the government health care takeover in HR 3200. Let's hear from some more Colorado bloggers! And if you want to shout, and not just write, don't forget about the rally at the Colorado State Capitol at 11:30 AM. Now is the time to write your Congressman and … [Read more...]

More Beautiful All the Time

(H/T Vodkapundit) The Daily Mail reports on a study that says women are getting more attractive. Ain't nothing wrong with that! But then it contains this gem:Researchers demonstrated that beautiful people are 36 per cent more likely to have a daughter than a son as their first born child. That's the lovely Mrs. Virtus I'm talking about. … [Read more...]

Obama Approval Numbers — and Hopefully Obama Care — Sinking Fast

Popular opinion is fickle. It seems highly likely that Barack Obama will at some point cross over 50 percent approval like he did during his first six months in office. But if he keeps arrogantly following the path of socialist policies and foot-in-mouth disease, don't expect it to occur anytime soon. Rasmussen reports that Obama has a 49 percent approval rating and has a net-minus 11 among those with strongly held opinions. John Hawkins at Right Wing News declared yesterday "Upside Down Day". As long as President Obama has lashed his political capital to the ship of government medical overhaul, I hope his numbers continue to plummet. … [Read more...]