Recapping the LPR Retreat

It's hard to say enough good things about the Leadership Program of the Rockies. El Presidente recaps the recent LPR Retreat at the Broadmoor in a thorough photo essay (including Michelle Malkin, Jonah Goldberg, and many more), including comments about the retreat and the LPR program from current and former class members (including yours truly). Check it out. And follow my advice:LPR is the premiere place for Colorado's future leaders to learn the value of liberty and for Colorado's lovers of liberty to learn to be effective leaders. If you get the opportunity to join LPR, to meet like-minded leaders, and to understand more deeply the principles that make this nation great, don't pass it up. … [Read more...]

More Reasons to Make Sure Senate Bill 180 Doesn’t Simply Stall, But Dies

It's encouraging news that the Colorado state senate keeps putting off a vote on Senate Bill 180. The Democrats would seem not to have confidence in the votes to override local control, impose collective bargaining, raise the cost of government services, and threaten the rights of our state's police officers and firefighters. If you need more reason to understand why SB 180 is a bad idea, and why you should keep the pressure on and tell your state senator to vote against it, you should listen to this new iVoices podcast I recorded with Stan Greer from the National Institute of Labor Relations Research: What might seem on the surface like a nice thing to do for our public safety employees is really bad public policy when you take a … [Read more...]

Michigan Minor League Baseball Just Got a Little More Fattening…and Tasty?

I was looking forward to visiting my parents this summer near Grand Rapids, Michigan -- maybe catching some minor league baseball action. Now I know there's a genuinely tempting challenge involved, I'll have to make a point of going to Fifth Third Ballpark. 4,800 calories? Methinks it's not on the Weight Watchers plan. But a reason to miss the state of my birth? Perhaps. … [Read more...]

Join Me in Shining Light on Democrat Attempts to Destroy Electoral College

Starting sometime after 2 PM this afternoon (pending a preceding hearing on another bill) I will be keeping tabs on the vital state senate committee testimony on HB 1299 - which statehouse Democrats are proposing to destroy the electoral college and render Colorado politically impotent. You can follow me on Twitter. You also can listen online here (click on Senate Committee Room 353). … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss Latest RMA Blog Talk Radio with Scott Starin, Dave Williams

A day late, hopefully not too many dollars short ... If you missed last night's edition (the 19th) of Rocky Mountain Alliance Blog Talk Radio, go check it out. Guests for this week are Scott Starin - former Congressional candidate and current chairman of the Boulder County Republican Party - and Dave Williams - co-founder of the Gadsden Society. You can go back and download the podcast, or just use the handy widget on my sidebar to listen directly from Mount Virtus. … [Read more...]

Card Check Bill’s Fading Prospects a Relief for Colorado’s Michael Bennet

Big Labor is really bummed out today with the news that U.S. Senator Arlen Specter won't be backing their Orwellian-named Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) (you can watch his floor speech here) -- at least for this year. No Republican votes (and many shaky Democrats) means union officials won't be able to invoke the 60 votes needed for cloture to take away workers' rights to the secret ballot and impose costly binding arbitration. This has got to spell a little relief for Colorado's newly selected U.S. Senator Michael Bennet. EFCA has put Bennet in a bind, but if the political signals are clear that the legislation won't pass he might have the cover he needs. At this point, my guess is Bennet will take the path of least resistance within … [Read more...]

President Obama, Please Spare Us from Further Diplomatic Embarrassments

From Gateway Pundit, more evidence of the kind of "change" in diplomacy we voted for: Barack Obama writes to FORMER president of France Jacques Chirac saying he looks forward to working together "in the coming four years" -- while altogether snubbing current president Nicolas Sarkozy. More at EuroPumas. (Here's the original Le Figaro story, in case you're interested. It's not every day I get to link to something en Francais.) Way to go. Just one more in a string of diplomatic embarrassments emanating from the Oval Office. But keep on laughing, Mr. President. … [Read more...]

Leondray Gholston Brings Fresh Blood Beside Experienced Dick Wadhams in Colorado GOP Leadership

Update: El Presidente has more of the details surrounding what went down at today's state party officer elections. I was not able to attend today's Colorado Republican state central committee meeting in Castle Rock, but I've had a chance to follow developments remotely. As reported at Rocky Mountain Right, Dick Wadhams was comfortably re-elected to the chairman's position. The more competitive race was for vice-chair, in which DougCo GOP reports on Twitter that Leondray Gholston beat out Nathan Chambers on the 3rd round of voting. For many conservative grassroots supporters, Gholston's election represents a new and exciting direction for the state party. Let's hope their optimism is justified. Certainly, Gholston's passion, … [Read more...]

Few Tears Shed for Disappearance of Colorado Lefty Propaganda Machine

(Cue music to "Mrs. Robinson") "Where have you gone, Colorado Media Matters? A state barely notices you're through ... Woo, woo, woo...." Nice ("don't let the door hit you on the way out") post-mortems from Slapstick Politics and Rossputin. Curious silence from the various Lefty blogs I've read, though. Maybe they are just relieved that the embarrassment is gone. As for me, I feel bad I've already wasted the last 5 minutes of my life... … [Read more...]

Bad Legislation Parade’s SB 180 Would Harm Taxpayers, Employee Rights

Today brings a chance to review another member of the bad legislation parade down at the Colorado State Capitol. Senate Bill 180 (PDF) would override the local will of voters and impose collective bargaining on all local police and fire departments. After making it through the Democrat-controlled State, Military, and Veteran Affairs Committee, the bill is on the slate to be heard by the full senate any day now. From the Denver Daily News:Concerns are being raised that collective bargaining leads to overtaxing government budgets through increased payroll costs, which ends up hitting taxpayers hard. The last time the issue raised so many conservative eyebrows was in 2007 when Gov. Bill Ritter issued an executive order authorizing state … [Read more...]