“Sleaziest” 527 Ad Exposes Union Payroll Abuses, Calls for Amendment 49

Sleazy ads by the Democrats' 527 group Accountability for Colorado? Say it ain't so (from the Rocky Mountain News editorial page):The sleaziest flier this season? Probably the one targeting Republican Kevin Priola, who's running for the District 30 state House seat in Adams County. It claims a judge "issued a restraining order against Priola out of fears that he posed a threat and imminent danger to the victim." Come to think of it, a second anti-Priola flier may be worse. It says that the "judge found [my emphasis] that Priola posed a threat and imminent danger to the victim." In fact, requests for temporary restraining orders are routinely granted just to be on the safe side until a hearing can be held. In this case, the person … [Read more...]

Crushing Last Shred of Media Credibility a Good Reason to Vote McCain

So you're a conservative and you're not that inspired by John McCain's record or the way he has run this campaign? Sarah Palin isn't enough motivation for you? Well, this snippet from Howard Kurtz's Washington Post column may just give you all the extra incentive you need to get out and vote for McCain-Palin (and the whole Republican team, of course):"If the mainstream media are wrong about Obama and the voters pull a Truman, that is going to be the end of whatever shred of credibility they have left," says Tobe Berkovitz, associate dean of Boston University's College of Communication. Stamping out the last shred of media establishment credibility? That sounds pretty appealing to me. … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Times Should Release Barack Obama-Rashid Khalidi Video

Let me add my small blog voice to the growing crowd: The Los Angeles Times needs to release the video that supposedly shows Barack Obama "toasting a terrorist" (and not in the nuclear vaporization sort of way, either). As Little Green Footballs points out, the infamous figure in question is former PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi. RedState has the latest in the form of a Fox News report: No one can credibly deny that the media establishment is in the tank for Barack Obama. If there's nothing to see, a public vetting of the video would dispel the rumors. But the longer the Times clings to it, the more legitimate suspicion grows. And the Times' excuses for not releasing the video don't hold much water. All appearances indicate they are … [Read more...]

NEA’s Spending Habits Once Again Show Education as a Low Priority

The Wall Street Journal reports:Here's a pop quiz: Who's donated the most money to an effort in California to defeat Proposition 8, an initiative on the November 4 ballot that would define marriage as between a man and a woman in the state? A) Gay-advocacy organizations B) Civil-rights groups C) The California Teachers Association If you guessed "C," you understand the nature of modern liberal politics. And if you didn't, perhaps you're wondering what exactly gay marriage has to do with K-12 public education. The high school dropout rate is 1-in-4 in California and 1-in-3 in the Los Angeles public school system, odds that worsen considerably among black and Hispanic children. So you might think the CTA, the state's largest … [Read more...]

Attorney’s Vulgar Racist Slur a Stain on Big Labor Opponents of Right-to-Work

As reported in the Denver Post, this is the kind of story that Big Labor would rather sweep under the rug. A union attorney exposed for his racist, vulgar email messages sent to Ryan Frazier, a leading supporter of Amendment 47, and also (apparently) for practicing law in Colorado without a license. It wasn't like the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) had much choice but to get rid of DeAngelo Starnes - otherwise a natural ideological fit. It is not insignificant to note that UFCW has spent nearly $5 million on state issue campaigns this year - mostly to fight Amendment 47 (Right-to-Work) but also to spread lies about Amendment 49 (Ethical Standards) and Amendment 54 (Government Contracting Reform). Only the National Education … [Read more...]

State Should Charge Protect Colorado’s Future with Extortion Processing Fee

The Rocky Mountain News Stump blog reports:Colorado spent more than $200,000 in printing costs and extra postage this fall because the deadline for withdrawing ballot measures comes too close to Election Day, according to a study from the University of Denver. Amendments 53, 55, 56 and 57 were withdrawn by labor groups by an Oct. 2 deadline. But it was too late to keep them off the printed ballot. DU's Center for Colorado's Economic Future offered some advice for the state legislature: rethink the law that allows ballot initiatives to be pulled as late as 33 days before the election. Changing the law on the withdrawal deadline may not be a bad idea, but here's an even better one. Seeing as how Protect Colorado's Culture of … [Read more...]

Off to Denver Townhall Talkers Tour

I'm off to the Townhall Battleground Talkers Tour's first event this evening in Denver. Hope to see some of you there. What do syndicated radio hosts Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, and Dennis Prager have to say off air? Will they succeed in firing up the troops? Is the media's assessment of conservative and Republican voter enthusiasm on- or off-base? What do Colorado's grassroots leaders really think about the McCain-Palin's ticket to win Colorado and the national election? What other campaigns and figures will make an appearance? Check back later for a report. Sadly, the event comes on the same day as the passing of regular Hugh Hewitt guest host, Weekly Standard contributor, and blogger extraordinaire Dean Barnett. Rest in peace. … [Read more...]

Mark Hillman Cuts Through Deception Used Against Amendments 47, 49, 54

Another prominent, respected Colorado voice joins the chorus of those denouncing the nonsensical attacks against Amendments 47, 49, and 54. Former state treasurer Mark Hillman makes a couple of terrific points in his piece:Amendment 49 (”ethical standards”) prohibits state and local governments from intercepting a worker’s paycheck to collect dues or contributions for unions, lobbyists or any other special interest. It simply requires all interest groups to ask supporters directly for their contribution, rather than use government payroll systems as their collection agency. Groups from the National Rifle Association to the Sierra Club rely on voluntary contributions, so why can’t labor unions and other special … [Read more...]