Referendum E???

Clarification: It has come to my attention that some confusion has arisen regarding the nature of action taken by the School Finance Interim Committee at its Tuesday, September 27 meeting. No formal votes were taken, but at the request of Senator Sue Windels - Committee Chair - informal straw polls were taken to indicate the committee's interest in taking future action on various ideas for legislation proposed by committee members. When Senator Windels introduced her "Referendum E" proposal, a straw poll of committee members showed four of the 10 objecting to taking future action. The significance of the legislators' interest in promoting a tax increase beyond Referenda C and D remains. DENVER - Amid a heated election contest to suspend … [Read more...]

If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat (Colorado Style)

Mike at Best Destiny has already commented on the story of Colorado Democrats being caught and receiving an unprecedented penalty for illicit 2004 campaign activities, so I can't add a lot. Kent Lambert of the Republican Study Committee deserves commendation for his perseverance and his thoroughness in pursuing the prosecution of an election law penalty, something with a high burden of proof. Mike is right - of course, we shouldn't be surprised. Hugh Hewitt wrote all about it in his 2004 classic, If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat. If you haven't read it, or need a refresher, pick it up and give it a good perusal before the 2006 elections. Peter Blake of the Rocky Mountain News brought Lambert's intriguing story to light, one that … [Read more...]

Take Me to Your Leader(ship Program)

Yes, the rumors are true... I will be joining fellow Alliance member Joshua in the 2006 class of the Leadership Program of the Rockies. Proof of powerful alumni influence? That might be a more plausible theory if he were in the country. But I'm grateful to be aboard and look forward to sharing reports of the upcoming adventure with my readers. … [Read more...]

More Wise Than Ruthless

ScipioYou scored 70 Wisdom, 72 Tactics, 59 Guts, and 47 Ruthlessness! You're most simillar to Scipio in the fact that you're smart and ruthless. Scipio beat Hannibal by luring him back from Western Europe (where he was crushing legion after legion of Roman soldiers trying to gain support from local tribes) by laying seige to his home country of Carthage. Hannibal returned to defend his home and was defeated at the Battle of Zama. Ruthless, but it worked. Scipio was the conqueror of Hannibal in the Punic Wars. He was the son of Publius Cornelius Scipio, and from a very early age he considered himself to have divine inspiration. He was with his father at the Ticino (218), and he survived Cannae (216). The young Scipio was elected … [Read more...]

Rita Evacuees Await Return

From a Christian camp director in Louisiana - affiliated with the work of Operation Renewed Hope - who is housing evacuees from the areas most directly hit by Rita's fury this morning: I thought I would give you all an update while we still have power. We currently have around 250 evacuees housed at the camp. Our staff is doing a great job taking care of them and feeding them. The people have been very patient and understanding in the midst of a difficult situation. We are still a couple of hours away from the strongest part of Rita hitting us but we are not expecting too much damage. Most of the folks with us are from the hardest hit areas in South Louisiana and Texas. Many of them will be going home to nothing. We are already … [Read more...]

Holtzman Returning Fire

The cannon fire is gaining strength within Colorado's Republican camp, as the Marc Holtzman team shoots back and asks where rival Bob Beauprez has been on the Referenda C and D campaign. Lest the Holtzman attack gets carried away too far, there is no doubt that Beauprez opposes the twin tax increase measures, though he may feel conflicted about making too public an opposition to his friend Bill Owens. Both sides have elements of truth on their side. Holtzman has been in the limelight and absorbed the public backlash far more than his opponent. Gradually, he is establishing himself as the political leader on the issue, building inroads into the GOP's fiscally conservative base and trying to establish his credibility for next year's big … [Read more...]

Why You Should Votes for C and D

You have to love this tidbit caught by Rocky Mountain News political columnist extraordinaire Peter Blake: You've seen the TV ad a dozen times by now. A couple of teachers are promoting the Vote Yes on C and D campaign. While a teacher identified as Elizabeth Henry is talking, the yellow caption on the ad says: "Kids takes [sic] the hit." Better vote yes. Maybe the state will collect so much extra money there will be enough left over to subsidize the return to syntax school of big-time copywriters and media producers. Fodder for ScrappleFace or some other talented Web satirist? The ad's producers could have been less subtle and said: "Vote for C and D so the state can spend more money on remedial education." Though, of … [Read more...]

The Bible or the Axe: A Review

The following review is made possible by the hard work of Stacy Harp at Mind and Media. Your mind trapped in a world that ends at the United States borders? Living a life of relative comfort and ease? William O. Levi's The Bible or the Axe might be just the wake-up call the average Christian in America may need. The Bible or the Axe recounts Levi's early life journey, which began with a large, tightly-knit, strongly-rooted Messianic Jewish family in east Africa before he endured persecution at the hands of Sudan's Islamic regime in the 1980s and ultimately escaped to the United States. He later founded Operation Nehemiah, a mission still actively helping the Christian community in Sudan rebuild its broken walls. Levi tells … [Read more...]

Underpaid Union Picketers

This story in the Las Vegas Weekly has some of the richest irony I have ever seen: The shade from the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market sign is minimal around noon; still, six picketers squeeze their thermoses and Dasani bottles onto the dirt below, trying to keep their water cool. They're walking five-hour shifts on this corner at Stephanie Street and American Pacific Drive in Henderson—anti-Wal-Mart signs propped lazily on their shoulders, deep suntans on their faces and arms—with two 15-minute breaks to run across the street and use the washroom at a gas station. Periodically one of them will sit down in a slightly larger slice of shade under a giant electricity pole in the intersection. Four lanes of traffic rush by, some drivers honk … [Read more...]

Pigs in a Poke

The release of a new report from the Independence Institute (formerly known as Piglet) detailing wasteful government spending, and an emotionally-charged rally at the State Capitol yesterday featuring a large, pink papier-mache pig, have taken the campaign over the forever tax increase to a new level. Yesterday, pro C & D spokeswoman Katy Atkinson, a self-described "homegrown flack," made some inappropriate personal attacks against gubernatorial candidate Marc Holtzman for his televised opposition to the "pork"-laden measures. Atkinson set the model for others who have taken the pig reference personally. Officials' scare tactics have frightened people into believing that without C and D, legislators' hands will be completely tied as … [Read more...]