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Rasmussen is a heck of a bigger deal than Ben DeGrow.”
– Scott McInnis for Governor spokesman Sean Duffy

Ben is “one of the most virulent anti-public education individuals in the state.” – Colorado Education Association Journal

I’m a native Michigander (and proud of the politically incorrect designation) who moved to Colorado in 2002 when I married the lovely Mrs. Virtus. Our family lived in the western suburbs just outside Denver for 13 years before the Great Lakes State called me back home. I strive by God’s grace to ensure that the most important things to me are my relationships with Him, with my wife, and with my three children. More about me…

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Twitter feed: “Grateful Christian, conservatarian, husband, dad, Mackinac Center education policy director, writer, baseball fan.”

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“Bought by God’s love, kept by His grace. Growing husband, dad, freedom fighter back home in Michigan.”

Just a sojourner on Earth, a redeemed child of God in a strange land, seeking not to take myself too seriously; a student of history and of human nature; a writer and a chronicler, gifted with a weird imagination and a compassionate heart; compulsively unable to ignore any and all spelling errors; phlegmatic, dry-witted, and all too often forgetful (huh?) …

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I am an evangelical Christian by faith and confession (a Baptist in doctrine and polity), a limited-government “conservatarian” by carefully-grounded conviction, a formerly registered Republican whose party left him in the lurch. This blog is a collection of my writings, and mainly about what I know: from public policy areas that reflect my professional expertise (education and labor) to the stuff that political junkies crave, with a strong Colorado flavor. That will continue to change as life circumstances unfold.

Having graduated from Hillsdale College and having worked more than a decade for two different but highly effective State Policy Network organizations, I am a certified (and some would tell you certifiable) member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Yet while I have been shaped to some extent by these affiliations, all views and opinions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the official positions of any institution.

Unless specifically stipulated otherwise, I am personally responsible for the thoughts presented in each and every entry I write on this blog. (Guest-bloggers are accountable for their own views expressed.) Facts are sourced and linked whenever possible, and all ideas open for debate.

I welcome all reader comments that can appropriately be viewed by younger eyes, regardless of whether the commenter agrees with me. Arguments are welcome and are open to be freely judged according to their substance and logic (logos), as well as the personal credibility of the commenter (ethos). If you comment anonymously, don’t expect yourself to be taken as seriously.

Please note that your comment will not appear straightway when you submit it, as I practice careful moderation to weed out spam and the occasional profane remark.

A final thought: I am human and make mistakes, and will correct them when I can. Whether it’s an error of fact or punctuation, or you believe I am falling short of the standards I strive to achieve, please indicate in a comment or by sending an email to the address listed. I hope to receive the criticism in the spirit it was intended.