What About Democrat AG Candidate Stan Garnett’s Union PAC Donation?

Lynn Bartels breathlessly reports that Boulder Democratic Attorney General candidate Stan Garnett has sworn off money from political action committees for his campaign. But a search through Garnett’s 2007 district attorney campaign finance reports finds a 2007 contribution from the United Food and Commercial Workers.

MSM reporters may want to probe a little deeper and ask some questions to discern whether the Democrats’ AG candidate has had a moment of conversion or enlightenment (and if so why), or whether he is just another politician putting cynical hypocrisy on display.

Can Garnett say with a straight face that labor union dollars don’t count as special interest union PAC money? Inquiring minds want to know. It’s not exactly a profile in courage for a Boulder Democrat to swear off the financial influence of corporate donors. It would be more impressive to refuse direct contributions from Big Labor in a statewide election.

Then again, given the current campaign finance environment, Garnett’s campaign like so many others will outsource the attack dog role to the 527s and other labor-backed players in the Democrats’ campaign machine. The Boulder DA already stepped into making the smears himself, and thus I expect he will be careful to avoid the faux pas again.

Let’s give Bartels and the Denver Post a chance on this one. After all, as Don Johnson ably points out, the editors of the Post have done “an outstanding job” of keeping the campaign honest and taking Stan Garnett to task for his “rookie mistake” of straining all credibility to hang a “Willie Horton” smear on sitting Attorney General John Suthers.

Can you smell the Democratic desperation?


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