Wow! Curtis Granderson and Tigers A Leap Ahead of Last Place Indians

I have a friendly rivalry going this season with blogger Civil Sense from The Colorado Index. Today seemed like a good a time as any to point it out. Baseball is a long season, but his Cleveland Indians have slipped to the worst record in the Major Leagues after back-to-back home shutout losses to my Detroit Tigers.

Tonight’s 4-0 victory was great, but the finish couldn’t match the 1-0 thriller on Friday — when Tigers ace Justin Verlander carried his two-hit shutout into the ninth inning. Grady Sizemore came to the plate with one on and one out when … well, watch for yourself:

Yep, that’s my boy: Curtis Granderson. And my Detroit Tigers a game out of first place and six games ahead of Cleveland. Ouch, Civil Sense. Ouch. (It can’t feel good for Indians fan Jeff, either.)

The good news for the Indians is that 80 percent of the season is left to play.


  1. says

    Yep. Thank goodness for the Cavs and Nuggets; otherwise, sports would be terrible right now. Not only are the Indians the worst team in baseball with an 11-20 record, the Rockies are the worst team in their division with 11 wins (the Indians played two more games than the Rockies). But, yes, a home-run stealing catch by Granderson certainly kicks a team while they are down.

    But, at least baseball is a marathon, and there are still five months left in the season. There is plenty of time for fortunes to turn around. However, the Tribe’s bullpen needs to snap out of its funk and pitch better than my 90-year-old grandmother (an avid Tribe fan). After all, they have a 9.33 ERA and have surrendered 61 runs (as of Friday) during the 7th and 8th innings ( Ouch, indeed!

  2. Steve Hackman says

    My dad called me last night to ask if I watched the games. I was busy and missed them but thank God for 🙂

    Your clip must be from Youtube. The People’s Republic (China, not Boulder) has been blocking Youtube for the last 2 months and I can’t access it.


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