Official Jane Norton for U.S. Senate Announcement to Come Tuesday AM

Update, 9/11: About 24 hours later, the Denver Post catches up — but does offer some more detail about Norton’s first day of scheduled appearances. Let the campaign good times roll….

Not that this news will shatter any earth, but you can say you read it here first: Jane Norton is making her candidacy official next Tuesday morning, September 15, with a 9 AM appearance in the Denver Tech Center followed by an 11 AM appearance in Colorado Springs.

To little surprise, the “exploratory” phase of the campaign appears to be a brief formality.

A cynic might conclude that Norton wanted to publicize her announcement while the September 2009 Survey of Colorado’s Political Temperature was still open (as of 2:30 this afternoon, there have been 232 responses). But I judge it to be a simple coincidence.

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