Obligatory Super Bowl Prediction Error

Following up on last year’s colossal mistake, here is my pick for tomorrow’s big game:

Super Bowl XLIII (Feb 1, 2009 – Tampa, FL):
Pittsburgh Steelers (15-4) 21
Arizona Cardinals (12-8) 17

MVP: Troy Polamalu

Here’s hoping I’m colossally wrong again, and not just because of the President’s leanings.


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    Hugh Hewitt will be angry with you. Actually, I’m surprised you’re not picking the Cardinals. My Prediction:

    Super Bowl XLIII
    Pittsburgh Steelers 17
    Arizona Cardinals 27

    MVP: Kurt Warner
    Annoying/Pointless Commercials: 128.5 (one commercial only creating slight annoyance).
    Pointless comments from the Color Commentator: 5,258
    Times we can’t understand the Boss during the halftime show: too many to count.

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    It may seem counterintuitive, but by officially picking Pittsburgh I have helped Arizona’s chances. Your other predictions concerning the game all appear to be within the likely margin of error.

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    I’m a life-long Steelers fan, but very worried about this game.

    Cardinals 34
    Steelers 31

    First overtime game in Super Bowl history.
    MVP: Larry Fitzgerald

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