Make Your Opinions Known, Help Reveal Colorado’s Political Temperature

It’s the middle of the summer. The limelight surrounding Colorado politics is hazy. Blogs like this one experience a yawn in their already modest traffic. It’s time for something new to talk about. And if you can’t report the news or comment the news, it’s time to make a little news. And time to take the online temperature of Colorado political activists about the leading issues and candidates of the day — in our state and nationwide.

El Presidente and I have commissioned and fashioned a survey that we hope you will take 10 minutes or so to complete — especially if you’re from Colorado. We didn’t want to make another run-of-the-mill quick-hit poll. We want to take it a little more in-depth.

Click here to take the July 2009 Colorado online political survey

Your opinion counts. Take a few moments to make it happen. Not only show your support for candidates, but also let us know where you stand on key issues and give us some honest prognostication about the 2010 elections. The survey won’t be there forever, only until next Friday, July 17, 5 PM local Mountain time … Thanks for participating! We’ll get back to you with the results soon. Stay tuned.

Below the fold is the “official” release announcing the survey:

July 9 Blog Survey Release


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    Okay, I just did the survey, and noticed a couple of things.

    First, there are a lot of names on the GOP state underticket I just don’t know *anything* about.

    Second, this is sort of a particular bugaboo of mine, but after helpfully and correctly asking about whether “less government” was more or less important than “social conservatism” issues, the last questions ask if one is “liberal” or “conservative” and “more” or “less” government. Exactly how does a small-government, but libertarian, person answer that? I’m *certainly* not a “liberal” as it’s understood in the US, but being as I’m in favor of drug and sexwork legalization, I’m not really “conservative” either.

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    Charlie, Thanks for the feedback. You’re not the first person to raise concerns about the sliding scale “Liberal-Conservative” question. I understand it easily can be seen as too simplistic and/or ambiguous. We may try to re-work or scrap that one next time around. In the meantime, for this survey, it best serves as a rough proxy for how people self-identify politically.

    As far as the lesser-known candidates go, I would recommend just picking “Other/None of the above”. It will help show how “unknown” these figures still are. I’m sure you’re not alone.

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