How Many U.S. Senate Candidates Can Fit in a Phone Booth? … A What?

If things keep up, we soon may be unable to fit all of Colorado’s Republican candidates for U.S. Senate in a phone booth. (How long before the phone booth loses broad cultural recognition? Where does Clark Kent go to change his identity? But I digress….)

Already in the race are Ryan Frazier, Ken Buck, and Cleve Tidwell. I received an email announcement today that Crested Butte attorney Luke Korkowski is officially on board. Senate Watch at Rocky Mountain Right reports that Tom Wiens is about to enter the race. And I’m hearing rumors that former Congressman Bob Beauprez soon may throw his hat into the ring.

If it all develops, we may start needing some sort of official guide to keep track of who’s who and what’s what. Regardless, the race can’t credibly sustain more than a few candidates — who need both strong fundraising and grassroots volunteers to survive. Depending on the decisions of Wiens and Beauprez, we may see one or two of the lesser candidates soon fade further into the background and quietly off the radar screen.

Meanwhile, for the political observer, it has the potential to be fun. So pop up some popcorn and sit back. It could be a crazy ride.


  1. Sarge says

    I have the utmost respect for all of the candidates. Having said that, Ken Buck is the candidate who has proven his willingness to take a stand on such important issues as identity theft, illegal aliens, and gang crime. Ken Buck is exactly the type of leadership the GOP needs.

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