Democrat Numbers Show Door Wide Open for Challenge to Michael Bennet

The results are out: newly selected U.S. Senator Michael Bennet is not doing so great. That’s the message from the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling (PPP) — which commissioned the survey. Politico says Bennet is “off to a slow start”.

And apparently dissatisfied with the results, the Democrat Dead Governors’ blog for the first time features a front-page critique of PPP as “notorious” for its unreliability. From the few previous mentions on their site, PPP polling substantiated Mark Udall’s lead in last year’s Senate race — Obama, too. Now, though, we just can’t trust them.

It’s not as if the results are spectacular for the Republican field looking to challenge Michael Bennet. The public is simply not in any way engaged with the 2010 race yet. And the way things are going in Washington DC, a growing number of Colorado voters don’t seem to be terribly thrilled by either party right now. The problem this holds for the Democrats is that they are in charge of all levers of government. As much as many of them might like to do so, they simply can’t escape responsibility for that.

As it stands right now, more independent voters are dissatisfied with the Ritter appointee’s indecisive performance than are satisfied. That means the door is wide open for a credible conservative GOP opponent to come in and take Bennet down.

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