Bill Ritter Publicly Endorses Posting State Check Register Online

Update: Colorado Spending Transparency has a similar response about the devil being in the details. Read the post to get a sense of just what some of those details might be.

Face The State’s report was correct: During his State of the State speech, just a moment ago, Gov. Bill Ritter announced he would back the Republican plan to post the state government’s check register online. It’s good to see transparency go forward as a non-partisan effort.

The governor’s announcement foresees a landmark moment for Colorado government, one that promises to empower the citizens of the state. The city of Fort Collins has set the standard for transparency. With the state moving forward, too, now it would be good to see other local governments – including school districts – jump on board the transparency bandwagon.

Colorado taxpayers deserve no less.

In the meantime, I will work to keep an eye on the development of the policy and its implementation. The devil is in the details.

As usual, your number one resource information on developments in this area is the Colorado Spending Transparency blog.

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