Baseball Players Stump for EFCA: A Bad Way to Mix Sports and Politics

Here’s the latest, greatest example why sports and politics don’t mix …. At first, when I read this posting from the Right to Work blog, I thought I had another solid reason to cheer against the New York Yankees for whatever is left of the World Series:

Mark Teixeira has a $100 million contract to play baseball with the Yankees. Good for Mark. But it’s too bad that this multi-millionaire is stepping to the plate on behalf of the union bosses by advocating for the Card Check Forced Unionism bill.

But then I followed the link and found that two of the 12 Forced Unionism baseball spokesmen were Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino of the Philadelphia Phillies. And horror of horrors, my favorite hometown pitcher Justin Verlander is a pro-EFCA signatory as well.

Shouldn’t these guys be focusing on how to hit A.J. Burnett’s curveball (or in the case of the Detroit Tigers’ Verlander, how to improve his golf game)?

All told, it does nothing to make me more interested in tuning in to tonight’s World Series Game 5. Like I said, a bad way to mix sports and politics.

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