What I’m Thankful for #4: Spiritual Mentors

This is one in a series of daily posts I conceived of writing many weeks ago while the election still raged on, as I looked for something to write about of more lasting value. The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving seemed perfectly appropriate for it. Just in case you wondered, the topics introduced are not necessarily in any particular order. I hope the series is of some small encouragement to you, even as my site traffic takes a dive.

When you’re young and foolish – well, you’re young and foolish. The spiritual influence of my parents (the topic of a future thankfulness post) was real, but wouldn’t suffice by itself. I am thankful for the influence of non-family spiritual mentors during my teenage, college, and young adult years. I can think of about five men in particular – three of them pastors – who invested some time in me for good and God’s glory to help shape me.

For some, the impact was more clear and direct, and for others less tangible. But whether in how they spoke and lived, or how they counseled and admonished me directly, I am truly grateful for the positive influence they had in my life.


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