What I’m Thankful for #15: Cinnamon

This is one in a series of daily posts I conceived of writing many weeks ago while the election still raged on, as I looked for something to write about of more lasting value. The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving seemed perfectly appropriate for it. Just in case you wondered, the topics introduced are not necessarily in any particular order. I hope the series is of some small encouragement to you, even as my site traffic takes a dive.

Did you think every entry in this series was going to be utterly serious? Well, first of all, you probably haven’t been paying attention. But even if you have, there should be little doubt left. I am very thankful for cinnamon – the tastiest, most succulent, appetizing flavor. Can I get an Amen?

Think of all the wonderful ways cinnamon makes life a little better: cinnamon rolls, cinnamon apple crisp, cinnamon apple sauce, cinnamon appel strudel, cinnamon bread, cinnamon butter, cinnamon candy, cinnamon muffins, cinnamon doughnuts, to name a few. I even learned from a college friend the advantage of stirring cinnamon into a spaghetti sauce concoction. Try it sometime.

There is epicurean joy in the taste of cinnamon. And it’s an effective natural stimulant, without the crash caused by caffeine. So next time you’re on a long road trip and struggling to stay awake at the wheel, eat cinnamon. And perhaps even keep an open cannister of cinnamon in a cup holder to take in the sweet aroma.

Reflections: When I was a lad, one of my favorite treats was for my mom to take me to the Clarkston Bakery for glazed cinnamon rolls. Divine! Autumn is never complete without a freshly-baked cinnamon doughnut and a mug of hot apple cider. Blessed memories of the distant past and recent years.

Two years ago my wife came across the bakery at Vincenza’s in Wheat Ridge. The then-baker extraordinaire created an amazing delicacy known as the cinnamon log. What a wonderful array of tastes with cinnamon as the dominant flavor: I rate it as one of my top 2 or 3 all-time foods. But very, very rich. During my first encounter, I lost all self-control and ate an entire cinnamon log after 9 PM one night. Remember the part about the natural stimulant?

Anyway, the sad ending to the story is that this baker left, and apparently his recipe with him. While I still highly recommend the Vincenza’s bakery, I can’t help but pine for the cinnamon log each time I visit. If anyone knows where I could find the wonderful cinnamon log, please leave a comment or send me an email message (see sidebar).

I guess it could be said that had I never tasted cinnamon, I wouldn’t know what I was missing. But I have, and I am abundantly grateful.


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