Time for Ted Stevens To Go

News came yesterday that Alaska Senator Ted Stevens is indicted. If Republicans should have learned anything from the 2006 election, it’s to purge the pork and corruption from their ranks.

This story reminds us that neither major party has anything approaching a monopoly on sleazy politicians, but also gives the GOP an opportunity to distinguish itself by valuing integrity over seniority. Speaking of seniority, no Republican has served longer. It’s time for that tenure to come to an end.

At The Next Right, Patrick Ruffini wisely calls for Ted Stevens to step down, but points out he can’t do so until after Alaska’s August 26 primary.

Of course, actual guilt or innocence has yet to be determined in the Stevens case. But politically speaking, he’s damaged goods. Someone in the GOP needs to discreetly ask Ted Stevens to step aside and allow a fresh face to step forward. I’m still waiting to see who that might be.


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