The Case for Colorado Spending Transparency: Jeffco Schools Edition

Quite simply, the people of Colorado deserve open, accountable, and transparent government. Not the kind where you as a taxpayer walk into the school district admin building, get a barrage of questions for asking for a copy of the district’s credit card transactions, and have to pay $75 from your own pocket just to see how your money is being spent. That’s Natalie Menten’s story with Jeffco Public Schools, and you can hear it on an iVoices podcast:

Shouldn’t it be easier for citizens to access this information? Is creating a comprehensive, user-friendly, online searchable database asking too much of our governments? In these tumultuous economic times, placing the public eye on government spending should help ensure that money is spent more prudently and appropriately.

This issue is only going to get hotter and hotter down at the State Capitol. Bookmark the Independence Institute’s new Colorado Spending Transparency blog to stay on the cutting edge.

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