Rogue Denver Teacher Bloggers: Is It The Beginning of Something New?

Nowhere in Colorado is rank-and-file teacher dissent with the union so apparent as in the heart of Denver – for a multitude of reasons that cannot begin to be explored in this brief post. But an increasingly strained contract debate with the school board (Barack Obama alluded to it in his speech yesterday) – after the board offered a substantial raise as part of a progressive compensation system.

Now a new splinter teachers group with an online presence has emerged in Denver (H/T Alan Gottlieb). It would be great to see these teachers continue posting on the blog they started. Interestingly, the local union president hasn’t posted anything to her blog since this splinter group has emerged.

The National Education Association, to which the Denver union belongs, is a notably hierarchical organization. What will emerge from a group of rogue teaching bloggers in Denver therefore may provide an interesting case. Today’s public school system does not breed rugged individualism in its career educators, after all.

The realist in me says the splinter group will be snuffed out soon enough, but I have just enough curiosity to hope that a surprise or two may be in store. If so, I’ll let you know.

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