One Reason NOT to Miss Michigan: Recall Dillon AND his Union Thugs

Updated from Arvada – Gateway Pundit also picked up on this story … Linking to him was the right thing to do, since we were sitting next to each other when we blogged the story separately

Blogging from Chicago…

The longer I’m away from my native Michigan home, the less I miss it. It’s been mired in the economic doldrums for a long time, and the public employee union-Democrat political machine is as corrupt as ever. In a weak and self-interested attempt to save the state government bureaucracy from the effects of economic downturn, the Michigan legislature and governor last fall approved a $1.4 billion tax increase.

Angry and frustrated, the citizens of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance are organizing a recall of state Speaker of the House Andy Dillon for supporting the tax hike. But it appears state employees working on the taxpayer’s dime have been busy harassing the petition gatherers:

A little exercise in self-protection by government bureaucrats and public employee unions. What – did you think they were going to let citizens petition their government in peace? They still have about 3 and a half weeks to turn their signatures in. Three cheers to the taxpayers: I wish them well from afar. Makes me glad I’m more than a thousand miles away from the Michigan government union thugs.

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