Introducing The Next Right

The Next Right is officially launched today. From the About page:

The Next Right is the place for wired activists to build a new Republican Party and conservative movement. As a community-driven grassroots action website for the right, we’ll feature in-depth political analysis, on-the-ground reports, and strategic discussion and debate.

The site’s founding editors are Soren Dayton, Jon Henke, and Patrick Ruffini.

Read each of their posts announcing this new venture here:

Soren | Jon | Patrick

These are the brightest minds in new media that our side has to offer. I encourage all limited government conservative bloggers and blog-readers in Colorado to sign up and join The Next Right network. Our state has been on the front line of the George Soros assault. Why shouldn’t Colorado give a major boost to the effort to rebuild the conservative movement and the Republican Party?


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