Hoping Mark Hillman Runs Again

How delighted I was to see this headline in the Grand Junction Sentinel Political Notebook: “Hillman open to future electoral bids.” Former Senate leader and former interim state treasurer Mark Hillman is one of Colorado’s strongest, most articulate, most principled, and most genuinely down-to-earth conservative leaders:

“I’m not ruling anything out, but at the same time I don’t get up in the morning trying to figure out how to torture myself by running for office,” Hillman told Political Notebook.

That’s what we need: the kind of leader who doesn’t live for the ambition but is willing to step up and run in spite of the “torture.” I haven’t told Mark this personally, but I would be glad to see him run someday. Hope he is led to make that decision when the time is right, and hope that time isn’t too far away.


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