Hmmm…Will Al Franken Find His Winning Recount Votes in Time?

Powerline has the latest update on the Norm Coleman-Al Franken recount saga. Not exactly the grand Florida melodrama of eight years ago. Nor does the angry, foul-mouthed comedian seem to have much reason to be less angry than usual. As I write this, Coleman’s pre-recount lead of 206 now stands at 210 with 77 percent of the ballots totaled.

According to Powerline, though, many of the untallied votes will come from Minneapolis precincts. Stuart Smalley Al Franken has to hope that some of the Twin Cities’ deceased cousins in Chicago, Philadelphia, or King County, Washington, might have made a last-minute trek there to cast a vote for him from beyond the grave. (“I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and darn it, dead people like me.”) Maybe a box full of Al Franken votes might show up in a downtown dumpster? Or he could just rely on the brilliant regression analysis of Nate Silver.

It can’t hurt to bone up on some perennially timely reading material.

Norm Coleman and Georgia’s Saxby Chambliss – who faces a very important runoff election next Tuesday, December 2 – are needed to form the firewall against the costlier, Left-leaning impulses of President-elect Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress. If you’re inclined to help Saxby, please do so.


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