Good News for Amendment 46

If you’re running a statewide ballot initiative campaign, these are the kind of numbers you want to see:

A national survey conducted jointly by the Wall Street Journal, Washington, and Quinnipiac University released Thursday shows that the majority of Colorado voters — Democrat and Republican alike — overwhelmingly support Amendment 46, also known as the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative. The proposed constitutional amendment would prohibit government from considering race or gender in education, government employment, or public contracting.

The poll, conducted last week, showed that 66 percent of all voters surveyed were supportive of the initiative’s language, with just 15 percent saying they were opposed. Democrats were much more likely to support the initiative than Republicans, with 71 percent of all registered Democrats surveyed supporting the initiative’s language, compared to 61 percent of all registered Republicans.

The Colorado Civil Rights Initiative is a winning issue for a variety of reasons, but mostly because it’s eminently fair, decent, and reasonable. (If this is the best argument against the Initiative, there is no wonder it’s polling so high.) The survey results are good news for Amendment 46.

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