Christmas Roundup, Light Blogging Here at Mount Virtus Until 2009

It was nice to take a couple days off blogging to celebrate Christmas. Around the house we have a 2-year-old who definitely was interested in getting “more” presents but also who is just beginning to see that Christmas is mainly about the Savior’s birth. She sat still to hear one of us read a version of the biblical Christmas story 5 different times over the 2 days. Good times. Memorable times.

Around here we hear a lot of the toddler rendition of “Away in a Manger”. She also has a fairly decent grasp on “Joy to the World.” Other songs she doesn’t sing but likes to request: Jingle Bells and Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Last night, after we baked the cake for Jesus’ birthday (a first-time tradition for our family), we had to explain that Jesus wouldn’t be coming over to visit us in the usual sense. A little hard to grasp at her age. But the older Virtus girl was quite adamant that Jesus likes his cake. (Perhaps an instance of clever, 2-year-old logic: If Jesus likes his cake, wouldn’t it be good for all of us to have some more?)

Anyway, winding down here, blogging will be light until 2009. I look forward to spending more time with the family, eating more (yes, you read that right), sleeping in when possible, catching up on reading (got a few new books for Christmas), calling a few friends I haven’t connected with in awhile, watching a little (not a lot of) football, even spending time on a fun non-blogging writing project or two.

In the meantime, I’d like to dispel any rumor that my name has been put into consideration for the U.S. Senate seat to replace Ken Salazar. Reports that I may have been contacted by the governor’s office for an interview cannot be confirmed. Such an idea is probably a little bit too far out of the box. However, it hasn’t been ruled out that I might get a token spot on an as yet-unconfirmed Blue Ribbon Committee to make recommendations in the Senate replacement process.


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    Thanks for writeing this post! I can’t belive that it’s really almost Christmas, where does the time fly?

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