Bill Ritter, Labor Leaders Prepare to Subject Coloradans’ Votes to Blackmail

With the aid of Governor Bill Ritter, the labor leaders behind Protect Colorado’s Culture of Corruption Future – the group with a rap sheet of deception, hypocrisy, and avoidance of public debates – are preparing to practice extortion, subjecting the votes of the people of Colorado to blackmail:

Business and labor leaders planned to meet Tuesday night to discuss a compromise in which four contentious union-backed measures would be pulled from the state’s November ballot, according to sources.

Labor, in return, would receive financial support from businesses to fight a union-restricting measure.

It’s the last sentence that is key. What labor leaders are doing goes beyond the simple give-and-take of negotiation. They are demanding money to get rid of their economy-busting proposals. Thus, it moves into the realm of extortion and blackmail.

Last week on KOA, former Gov. Bill Owens correctly described the terrible precedent this forced extraction of political money will create (listen to the audio here). Here’s a transcribed snippet:

If we do this this time, any time anybody tries to put something on the ballot that Labor doesn’t like, they’re simply going to blackmail the private sector. I think it’s a bad principle.

From an Ethical Standards Now press release issued today announcing that the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Amendment 49, Jon Caldara expounds:

“The votes of Colorado citizens should not be subject to blackmail,” Caldara said. “This is the same kind of underhanded activity that justifies the need for Amendment 49.”

Exactly. Once again, the underhanded activities of Amendment 49 opponents make the case for why the clean-government reform is needed.

(Full disclosure: I also happen to work for the Independence Institute, which has provided the intellectual ammunition behind the Ethical Standards Initiative.)

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