Battle of Cambria 46 Years Later

Diverting from our regular blogging fare on this Friday, we pause to remember the 46th anniversary of the decisive and destructive Battle of Cambria. It is also the 12th anniversary of the founding of Cambria Tours (Facebook account required to view page).

The ill-fated, crushing defeat of February 22, 1962, along the frozen pond and quiet streets of a midwestern hamlet, marked the ultimate demise of the small and short-lived Socialist Union of Al Gansee. It’s all chronicled in the biography of the quixotic and eccentric, Michigan-born dictator, Passion and Purpose: The Rise and Fall of Al Gansee. Rumor also has it that the battle’s story is being adapted into a screenplay. We’ll see if it goes anywhere.

Questions linger regarding how much of the story is a figment of the author’s vibrant imagination.


  1. carlie says

    What was the terrain like and how did it affect the outcome of the battle?

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