Average Colorado Springs Voters Reject Anti-Amendment 49 Deception

What do people think of the deceptive Protect Colorado’s Culture of Corruption Future ads against Amendment 47 (Right-to-Work), Amendment 49 (Ethical Standards), and Amendment 54 (Government Contracting Reform), when a few pertinent facts are included with them?

KRDO in Colorado Springs bothered to ask the man on the street (follow the link for video):

“There’s nothing exactly covering union dues, union this or union anything,” says Colorado Springs voter Todd Landsborough. “You know what’s interesting, is this thing right here, you can put that in the garbage can. I mean it’s totally misleading.”…

“I’ll probably go online and write them a letter, ‘I think you guys are phony as hell,'” says [Colorado Springs voter Andy] Colon.

Give the average voter the facts, and he’ll recognize the special interest groups’ deception for what it is. And he might just react angrily, too.


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