Visit Victory Caucus

Our republic needs more informed citizens, especially these days about our military operations in Iraq. Cut through the hype and the soundbites, and bookmark the new Victory Caucus website on your browser. Unlike in the MSM, you’ll easily find facts not only on coalition casualties but on measures of political stability, sectarian violence, and weapons caches found.

Moreover, you’ll find links to the latest reports from independent journalists (like Michael Yon and Bill Roggio), key military bloggers (like Blackfive and Mudville Gazette), and official U.S. sources. That’s only the beginning: you’ll find reports from military commanders on the ground, interactive regional maps, reviews of relevant books, and user forums.

Thanks to NZ Bear and the Victory Caucus board of governors for this important endeavor that will make it easier to connect relevant information directly with our fellow citizens. Sure, many still will be stuck on American Idol and Britney Spears, while the Nutroots will be tuned in to the military haters. But any thoughtful patriots who can be reached will help to make a difference in this long, global struggle with Islamic fascist fanatics in which we are engaged.

There are no easy fixes nor simple solutions. There is hard work cut out for us as a nation. And if not enough of us understand what’s going on, minus the filtered agenda of the media elites, not enough of us will have the will necessary to help our leaders see it through. Give it a try today. Make the Victory Caucus a regular stop on the Web.

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